Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kinda Potty Trained

In the past month, we have made huge strides in potty training.  I wish I could share practical insight into how it has happened.  I have no idea...well, several ideas, but who knows which new thing, which combination of new things, which new thing plus an old thing... All I can say is that we have pee in the toilet most of the time!  Yeah!

I wrote about my own inner journey around this here.  Enjoy!


shellie said...

Hi Faith-
Jay is awsome! Maybe this time, the potty training will stick.
Read both your blogs and I see many changes in Jay. I do miss working with him. Guess it's time for another visit and maybe we can work out a defnite time for you to be in the playroom while I do something with Simmone and Zachary.


Judtih Dixon said...

we've been praying about this on Mondays - I'll have to tell mom - yeah