Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Acupuncture and Jaedon

Just a quick note: Jaedon is going to start acupuncture soon! I have has the good fortune to meet an acupuncture practitioner who is has a son with ASD. She is willing to treat Jaedon, so we did the initial consultation today. She came to my home with her mentor, a very compassionate man who teaches acupuncture, treats many kids with autism and who also has a son with ASD. I cannot describe how much I appreciated that home visit, since taking Jay out has become very time consuming and difficult. A 30 minute appointment can take up more than 3 hours of life. I'm looking forward to starting and seeing how it goes. I'm really hoping to help him relax so that he can spend more time just playing. So much learning happens with 'just playing'.

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Nicolé said...

Hey Faith! It's good being able to read about your journey here. Be sure to let us know about that first acupuncture session! Luv to all of you.