Saturday, March 7, 2009

Break The Watch!!!

I've been thinking about breaking my internal watch. So many things are driven by time! I think time is a great construct, but can I just have it there are a structure, like the walls in my house, and not think about it all the time? The more I think about time, the less present I am. When I have lots to do, it's hard for me to settle down to give time to 'slow' tasks, like being in the playroom or reading to my kids. Don't get me wrong! I'm much better than I was. I just wan tot continue being aware that time is just a structure and that I'm in control.

I want to just be. Be in the playroom and say to Jay, "I love you just as you are and for as long as you are as you are". Even thinking that thought is so calming and centering. No stressing about his age, about the apparent regression in potty training, about his increased motivation to get what he wants (and the thoughts of aggressive behaviors). I know that the scare tactics don't really work and scared isn't the way I want to live my life!
Thanks so much for being on this team with Jaedon. I encourage you to get really good at breaking the watch and being in the moment. Whenever you hear yourself wondering how long Jay will just sit there on the bed, or how long he will pound his shoulder with the straw, slow down and think how much of a blessing it is to be with someone and love them unconditionally. Let's all practice getting rid of our checklists in the playroom. Let's evaluate ourselves after we get out of the playroom, knowing that we are always moving from a point of good to better, NEVER from terrible to not so terrible.

By the way, this works with everyone in our lives. Imagine showing love in all our relationships this way!

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