Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spontaneous Language!!!

This was very exciting for me, so I wanted to make sure to document it. Jaedon was crying and fussing quite a bit, and I was working on being the happy detective, offering him options, yet letting him know that I wasn't sure what he wanted. Finally, after he had calmed down somewhat (he was now wearing his Miracle Belt, a weighted belt), I told him that next time he was feeling like that, he could say "I want..." but before I could say "belt", he filled in "butter!". I was surprised, but I celebrated him wildly, and off we went to get the sunflower seed butter in the kitchen.

Sometime later, we were in the kitchen, and I think I was getting him (more) butter and I said, "you know, you could tell me 3 words" and looked at him expectantly. He smiled knowingly and said, "I want butter!". You can tell I was pretty excited!

Later that day, he was having his smoothie, which he calls 'milk', and we were practicing saying 'milk' clearly. I had poured his smoothie, and he now wanted me to add his powered vitamin to it. I looked puzzled, and he opened the cupboard and said his version of 'vitamin' (something like 'viykami'). Then he told me 'open', then 'stir', all spontaneously!

Then today, he was hungry (a lot of talking around food, huh?) and I was giving cereal. So I started prompting him "If you want your cereal, you can say 'I...' " and he chimed in "want eat!" Very appropriate, I thought, even if it wasn't the word I was looking for!

Enjoy talking with your special person this week. Celebrate every sound and word they say!


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so exciting, Faith. I can imagine your excitement. Hope to see you all soon.